Some FAQs Regarding Higher Studies

Q1: Does higher studies helps in building career faster?

Ans: Higher studies will help if you are looking for a particular specialization. It narrows down your area of expertise from the vast curriculum of your bachelors and helps in shaping up the individual to facing a more intellectually stimulating environment. In that aspect, yes - higher studies helps in building up a career. I won't say it’s faster but definitely in a better way.
Nikhil Menon
2006-11 Civil Batch
Now in Lisbon, Portugal
Q2: Type of projects to be done that helps for abroad studies?
Ans 1: I don't think there are any special kinds of projects for going abroad. Work hard, be sincere and do a project which has a lot of contribution from you rather than merely taking out someone else' work and making it yours. Hard work is always rewarded at the end.
Nikhil Menon
Ans 2: Depends. It is not about the kind of project, but you should choose some area, and have considerable amount of work in that project in that area. In India, it doesn't matter much because admission is based on Gate + Interview (what you know). Outside, as I told, it depends on what area you are applying to. If you are applying to a TCS (Theoretical Computer Science) section at a university a project in TCS helps and so on...
Abhimanyu Mongandh
2007-11 CSE Batch                                                                                                       
Now MTech, IIT Kanpur
Q3: Personal profile building like min CGPA, projects done, needed for getting into a good university?
Ans: Again, I don’t think there is a minimum CGPA for going abroad. Just like the usual curriculum in college, there is of course the 6.5 CGPA which is a minimum for better chances at an admit, but then if you are good enough beyond those grades, you might still be lucky.
Nikhil Menon
Q4: Kind of resume that one should have to get into a good universities?
Ans 1: The Kind of resume you would want is dependent on where you want to go. It also depends on what you want to do - a masters or a PhD. For example: for the US, masters courses require a steady academic background, good GRE and TOEFL scores, recommendation letters and a statement of purpose. Whereas my experience tells me that for applying for masters in the European Union, they are more looking at an all round profile rather than a strictly academicals stance.
Nikhil Menon
Ans 2: Again Indian Universities not much. Gate will be enough. Well, a CGPA of 9 would be really good. Basically the resume has to prove you know the field you are applying to, some level a little bit above what you learn in college.
Abhimanyu  Mongandh
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BTech CSE Student, 2010 Batch