Emergency Student Support Fund

What is ESSF ?

ESSF(Emergency Student Support Fund) aims to support (without much formalities or paperwork) the monetary needs of full time B.Tech CSE students who are currently on rolls. The funds are provided as a loan without any interest, without accepting any collateral or guarantee of repayment. 
The students are expected to repay the loan when they are in a better financial situation. This fund is for the students and managed primarily by the students themseleves. More details about ESSF may also be obtained from the Representatives.

How to Apply ?

Any full time B.Tech CSE student of NITC in need of funds is requested to contact the following student representatives by email:


Naazni E Yahya
Fourth-year B.Tech representative


Arshiya Hafis
Third-year B Tech Representative

The application form is available with the above representatives. Upon receiving the completed application form, the representatives will make the decision to approve the amount, if necessary, after consulting with the applicant's Faculty Advisor and / or the HOD.

How to contribute/repay ?

The funds will be sent and repaid by online banking transactions. If you wish to repay the loan / contribute to this fund, online transfers may be made to the following account. There is no tax exemption for contributions to ESSF.

A/c No: 37762627000 
Name: Fadil Muhammed / Navaneeth Kishore 
Branch: SBI CREC 
IFSC: SBIN0002207