Andromeda Server

The Andromeda server, tagged as "The Knowledge Galaxy" is set up in the Network Systems Lab of the Department. This Rack Server by Dell (PowerEdge 2950) is maintained by final year MCA students. All the MCAs are allotted workspace on the server where they can host their website, store laboratory related files, project files, etc.

  • FUJITSU Primergy PY RX300S8 8*2.5
  • CPU - INTEL Xeon E5-2697v2 12c/24T 2.7 GHz 30MB
  • RAM -  8GB 2*8 DDR3-1600
  • HDD -  2.5 TB
  • OS - CENTOS 6.6
  • RAID - 5+1

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Athena Server

Athena installed in Software Systems Lab is the server for the BTech students of the Department. This server caters to the regular laboratory and project requirements of the students. The server also hosts the Athena website which contains the laboratory pages and project documentations. Each BTech student from second year onwards is entitled to have a workspace in Athena. Students can also host their website on the server. The server is maintained by final year students of BTech.

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CSED Education Server hosts the Moodle e-learning platform. EduServer creates opportunities for rich interaction between teachers and students. The faculty uses the server:

  • to evaluate the students based on assignments, quizzes, etc.
  • to engage them in discussion related to their topic of interest.

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