Talk on Turing and Morphogenesis Art, Pattern and Complexity

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The talk on “Turing and Morphogenesis Art, Pattern and Complexity” was  conducted by NIT Calicut ACM Student Chapter in association with the Alan Turing Centenary Talk Series of the chapter. This was the second of its kind.
Mr. Arunanand T A, Chair of the chapter welcomed the speaker – Mr. Gopakumar G  –  to deliver the talk. The speaker  started the talk by thanking the chapter for the opportunity.
Starting with some of the fascinating patterns in the nature, Mr. Gopakumar raised some interesting questions to the audience that made it an interactive session. The audience was asked to think on as to why there are no visible patterns in human body (except finger prints), but there are many in other organisms (like  giraffe,  snakes,  zebra,  etc.). Later,  he collaborated some of these natural  beauty  to the  works and  findings  of Alan Turing. He described the mathematical and chemical aspects of the said.
The talk went on up  to 5:00 PM  and was concluded by the vote of thanks by Mr. Nimish Joseph, Secretary of the chapter. There were 20 attendees, who gave positive feedback for  the session

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