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Computer Vision Webinar

CSEA, along with Bioinformatic-ML Research Group (BRG) conducted the 3rd webinar of the Research Talk series on 6th October 2020. The session was headed by Dr Shamna P (NITC-CSED Alumnus, Research Fellow, HP- NTY Digital Manufacturing Corporate Lab, Singapore). The lecture briefly computer vision and deep learning, their pros and cons, and the circumstances under which each of the techniques can be used.


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Hacktober Fest and Workshop Talks

The session was inaugurated by Dr Sheerazudeen, Associate Professor CSED NITC. He spoke about the importance of

FOSS in today’s world. This was followed by a hands-on session on the basic git commands. In the second week of October, a workshop by Mr Jaseem Abid, alumnus of the 2013 batch who works in Apple UK, was organised. He spoke about how FOSS could play a vital role in the growth of one’s career. In the third week, a workshop by Mr Karthik Singhal, a Ph.D student from the University of Chicago, focussed on academia and how to go abroad for higher studies in the field of CS.These sessions were organised by CSEA in coordination with FOSSCell.


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Panel Discussion:

A panel discussion on the topic ‘CSED Vision 2025’ was conducted on 30th September 2020. The panel comprised of four student members, an alumnus and a few faculties to bring a diverse and well-informed view on the issues faced.


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CSEA Inauguration - Pros and Cons of Flipped Classrooms

The inauguration of the CSEA activities for the Monsoon Semester 2020 took place on 11th September

2020. The keynote address was given by Dr Rajkumar S. Pant, Professor of the Aerospace Engineering Department at IIT Bombay. The session focussed on the importance of engaging students in the content and encouraging self-learning.


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Leadership in the ‘New Normal’ (9th MN Neelakantan Memorial Lecture)


lecture was headed by Mr Sunil Plavians, Senior Director of Global Services and Site Head of Finastra. The session focussed on the aspects of agility, resilience and adaptivity that organizations and individuals should focus on from a leadership perspective to be successful. This took place on 9th September 2020


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.Tech Final Year Project Orientation

An interactive session was conducted by the CSED Alumni on 30th August 2020 to share their experience and knowledge with the final year students in the B.Tech program. The students were urged to choose topics that had real-life implications for their projects. They also discussed the benefits of writing an academic paper on the projects. The protocols for doing an interdisciplinary project were also informed.

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Network Biology - Scope and Paradigm Shift


CSEA, along with Bioinformatics-ML Research Group (BRG), conducted the 2nd webinar of the ‘Research Talk’ series on the 27th August 2020. The session was conducted Dr Sunil Kumar P (NITC CSED Alumnus), Assistant Professor at the School of Computer Science and Engineering, VIT Chennai. The talk revolved around biological networks, their analysis and their interpretation of biological systems

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Bio Data Mining - Scope and its challenges

CSEA, along with BRG, conducted the first webinar of the ‘Research Talk’ series with a session on ‘Bio-Data’ Mining by our alumnus, Dr Visakh R, an associate professor in the Department of IT from GEC, Idukki on 24th July 2020. He spoke about the field of bioinformatics, its purpose and its various dimensions of it.

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Monthly webinar series

This was conducted in coordination with NIT Hamirpur as part of Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat programme. The theme of this session was COVID-19 Impact- An NIT Perspective on 30th June 2020.

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8th MN Neelakantan Memorial Lecture Series:

This session was headed by Mr

Shaji T P, Senior Director of Product Development at Oracle, USA. This was held on

27th December 2019. He addressed the efficiency of making use of existing office

productivity tools in application development and other topics pertaining to

leveraging available features and infrastructures.

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