Research Publications

2005 to 2006

  1. M P Sebastian, P S Nagendra Rao,, Lawrence Jenkins
    Topological Properties of the CCCF Graph
    Journal of CSI, Vol 35, No.4, pp. 25-28, October- December 2005
  2. Sujatha R Upadhyaya, Saleena N, P Sreenivasa Kumar
    Realising OWL individuals in XML Data
    In Proc. WebKDD 2005, International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery in the web, held in conjunction with the 11th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Chicago US, Aug 21, 2005.
  3. Gylson Thomas, V K Govindan
    Optimal dyadic modeling algorithm for fast computation of Tomographic images
    Proceedings of the Int Nat Conf on Cognition and Recognition, P.E.S College of Engineering, Karnataka, India, 2005.
  4. Ahmed Siraj, M P Sebastian
    Achievable Maximum Throughput and Coverage Range of Wireless LANs
    Journal of Computer Science (JCS), Vol 1, No.1, pp 1-7, August 2005.
  5. Sujatha R Upadhyaya, Saleena N, P Sreenivasa Kumar
    Knowledge Table Driven Ontology Enhancement
    In Proc. 2005 International Workshop on Description Logics - DL 2005, Edinburgh, Scotland UK, July 26-28 2005.
  6. Ghirmay Desta, M P Sebastian
    A Binary Tree-based Auto Configuration Technique for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
    Proc. 4th International Conference on Computer Science and its Applications (ICCSA- 2006), San Diego, USA, PP. 43-50, June 2006.
  7. Amarunnishad T M, V K Govindan, Abraham T Mathew
    Edge and moment preserving image compression
    Proceedings of the Int. Nat. Conf. on Cognition and Recognition, P.E.S College of Engineering, Karnataka, India, 2005
  8. A Shajin Nargunam, M P Sebastian
    Fully Distributed Cluster based Routing Architecture for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
    IEEE International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications (WiMob'2005), pp. 383-389, Montreal, Canada, August 2005.
  9. G P Sajeev, M P Sebastian
    Popularity-Aware Renewal of Dynamic Web Documents with Zipf Law
    13th International Conference on Advanced Computing & Communications (ADCOM 2005), Coimbatore, December 2005.
  10. Abdul Nazeer K A, Abdul Haleem P P
    Standardization of Unstructured Textual Data into Semantic Web Format
    Proc. The Indian International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IICAI-2005), Pune, pp. 723-740, December 2005.

2004 to 2005

  1. Govindan, VK, Singh AP.
    Optimized Mobility Pattern Scheme for Location Management in Wireless Systems
    12th International conference on Advanced Computing and Communication (ADCOM-2004) . , Ahmedabad, India.
  2. V.K.Govindan, Shajeemohan BS.
    High speed and Secure data Transmission Using Encrypted Text Over Internet
    Sept.. Proceedings of the National Workshop on Cryptology. , Amrita Viswa Vidya Peetham, Kerala
  3. V.K.Govindan, Shajeemohan BS.
    IDBE-An Intelligent Text Data Compression for High Speed data Transmission Over Internet
    Proceedings of the International conference on Intelligent Signal Processing and Robotics ?ISPR? 2004. , IIT Allahabad

2003 to 2004

  1. V.K.Govindan, Shajeemohan BS.
    An Intelligent Text Data Encryption and Compression for High Speed and Secure Data Transmission Over Internet
    23-24 Feb. Proceedings of the IIT Kanpur Hackers Workshop. , IITKHACK2004
  2. Paleri, VK, Srikant YN, Shankar P
    Partial redundancy elimination: a simple, pragmatic, and provably correct algorithm
    Sci. Comput. Program.. 48:1-20., Number 1

2002 to 2003

  1. Paleri, VK
    Automatic Generation of Code Optimizers from Formal Specifications
    The Compiler Design Handbook. :61-97.

2001 to 2002

  1. Govindan, VK.
    A Book on Computer basics ( Malayalam) entitled “Computer Padikkuka Pravarthippikkuka”
    Calicut, Kerala, India: published by Saint Jude Books

2000 to 2001

  1. MadhuKumar, SD, Sarma VVS
    A Software Tool for Assessing Software Reuse Libraries
    The Journal of the Computer Society of India. 30(4):1-8.

1999 to 2000

  1. V.K.Govindan, Mathew G.
    A new approach for edge enhancement
    International Conference on Cognitive systems. , Accepted. New Delhi, India

1998 to 1999

  1. V.K.Govindan, Joseph J.
    Automatic speech recognition using hidden Markov model
    Dec . XXII Nat. systems conference. , Calicut, India
  2. V.K.Govindan, G R.
    Design and implementation of real - time talk over internet
    Dec. . XXII Nat. systems conference. , Calicut, India
  3. Paleri, VK, Srikant YN, Shankar P
    A Simple Algorithm for Partial Redundancy Elimination
    SIGPLAN Notices. 33:35-43., Number 12

1996 to 1997

  1. MadhuKumar, SD, Chandran P
    Windows Based Application Software Developer,
    EDUCOMP' 96 Internatonal Conference on Educational Computing. :178-185., Chandigargh, India
  2. Govindan, VK, Thomas G, M.N.Neelakandan
    Walsh transform approach to image reconstruction from projection
    Int. Nat. Conf. on High performance Computing. , Bangalore, India

1991 to 1992

  1. Govindan, VK, Shivaprasad AP.
    An artificial database for character recognition research, Pattern recognetion Letters

1990 to 1991

  1. Govindan, VK, Shivaprasad AP
    Character recognition - A review, Pattern recognition.

1987 to 1988

  1. Govindan, VK, Shivaprasad AP
    A pattern adaptive thinning algorithm - Pattern recognition
    Vol - 20(No. 6):pp.623-637.

1984 to 1985

  1. V.K.Govindan, M.N.Neelakandan.
    Fast high resolution wide range shaft speed measurement using microprocessor
    Symp. on Modern trends in Electro. Intstrument. & digital Communication systems. , REC Warangal, India
  2. V.K.Govindan, M.N.Neelakandan.
    Software implimentation for high resolution firing control of six - pulse phase controlled converter using microprocessor
    Nat. Conf. on Integrated Circuits, Commu. and Signal processing. , Osmania Univ., Inia
  3. Govindan, VK, Velayudhan C, Vydian MV
    A novel method for digital monitoring of frequency deviation in power systems
    Int. Nat. Journal of Electronics. vol. 56 :pp.127-134.

1983 to 1984

  1. V.K.Govinan, Vydian MV.
    Maximum efficiency operation of DC motors using microprocessors.
    2nd Nat. Power system conf.. , Hyderabad, India
  2. V.K.Govinan, Vydian MV, F.Gajendran.
    Analysis and design of multiloop controllers for DC motors ensuring desired speed and maximum efficiency
    IEEE Conf. on Consumer Electronics. , Singapore

1982 to 1983

  1. Velayudhan, C, Govindan VK.
    A logarithmic converter
    Int. Nat. Journal of Electronics. vol. 53:pp.381-386.

1981 to 1982

  1. V.K.Govindan, K.P.Sam, C.Velayudhan.
    A strain guage flow meter.
    2nd Nat. Conf. Instrumentation. , Gwalior, India
  2. V.K.Govindan, C.Velayudhan
    A digital frequency deviation monitor.
    Int. Nat. Conf. on system theory and applications. , PAU, Ludhiana, India