Research Publications

2012 to 2013

  1. V.K.Govindan, Murali S.
    Removal of Shadows from a Single Image
    International Conference on Futuristic Trends in Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology - ICCT-2012, The Proceedings of First International Conference on Futuristic Trends in Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology - ICCT-. , Thiruvalluvar College of Engineering And Technology, Arunachala City, Ponnur Hills, Vandavasi, Tamilnadu-604505, India
  2. Smith, DM, N PP
    Engineering Computation with MATLAB
  3. Govindan, VK, K AST
    Enhanced Approach for 3d Model Reconstruction from Silhouettes
    Sixth International Conference on Information Processing-ICIP 2012. , Bangalore, INDIA (Presented).
  4. Ranjith, P, Chandran P, Kaleeswaran S.
    On Covert Channels between Virtual Machines.
    Journal in Computer Virology, Springer. 8( 3):85-97.Website
  5. Govindan, VK, Mokasree
    Recognition of Isolated Handeritten Telugu Numeral Characters
    International Conference on Recent Trends of Computer Technology in Academia (ICRTCTA 2012). , JRNRV University, Udaipur
  6. Lijiya A, K.S.Sreejini, V.K.Govindan.
    M-FISH Chromosome Images Classification by Watershed based Segmentation Approach,
    International conference on advances in Computer,Electrical and Electronics Engineering(ICACEEE-2012),. , Bombay,India
  7. Pournami P N, Shaj G S, and V K Govindan
    Threshold Accepting Approach for Image Registration
    International Journal of Computer Science and its Applications, Vol.2, Issue 2, pp 88-92, 2012, ISSN 2250-3765..
  8. Leena Silvoster and V.K.Govindan
    “Enhancement of CNN based EM image segmentation,” Cybernetics and information technologie
  9. Govindan, VK, Kumar BSP.
    Cluster based image retrieval
    International conference on Computing and control Engineering. , Dr. M.G.R Educational and Research Institute University, Adayalampattu, Chennai - 600095
  10. Kovilakath, VP, Kumar MSD.
    Semantic broken link detection using structured tagging scheme
     Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics. :16–20., New York, NY, USA: ACM Abstract
  11. Jyothisha J Nair, and V K Govindan
    Automatic Segmentation Employing Fuzzy Connectedness, paper (ID 8331) has been accepted and will be published on the International Review on Computers and Software (IRECOS), 2012.
  12. Govindan, VK, M R.
    A Walshlet Based Approach for Color and Texture Extraction in CBIR
    International Conference on Futuristic Trends in Computer Science and Engineering & Information Technology(ICCT2012), Published in the proceedings: 2012,page no:87-91. , Thiruvalluvar College of Engineering and Technology, Arunachala City, Ponnur Hills, Vandavasi-604505, TN
  13. Govindan, VK, N PP, Kamakaraj S
    Non-Rigid Registration using Multi-Resolution Optimisation for the Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
    Sixth International Conference on Information Processing. , Bangalore
  14. Govindan, VK, Sankar CVG.
    Energy efficient Canonical Huffman Coding
    International Conference On Application And Engineering Management (ICAEM-12). , Mahboobia Panjetan Educational Society Alumni Association (MPAA), (Hyderabad-Tajdeccan Hotel) , (Presented)
  15. MadhuKumar, SD, Reshmi G.
    An Adaptive Method for Node Revocation in Peer-to-Peer Networks.
    International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Management (ICCCTAM 12). , Dubai. UAE
  16. Govindan, VK, K AST
    Modified Voxel Coloring Approach to 3D Model Reconstruction,
    International Conference Advances in Engineering , Technology and management- 2012. , Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering and Technology, Puducherry, India
  17. P.N., P, Kanakaraj S, Govindan VK.
    registration using multi-resolution optimization for the early diagnosis of alzheimer’s disease.
    International Journal of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (IJCSEE) . Vol-1(Iss-2):ISSNNo.2315-4209.
  18. Govindan, VK, P.R A.
    Stereo Correspondence using census based dynamic programming and segmentation,
    5-7 August. Communications in computers and information science. Vol 157(part 10):pp631-638., Bangalore
  19. Govindan, VK, Kanakaraj S, N PP
    A Fast Brain Image Registration using Axial Transformation
    Sixth International Conference on Information Processing-ICIP 2012 . , Bangalore, INDIA
  20. Govindan, VK, Joseph AJ.
    Sketch Based Image Retrieval Using Contourlet Features,
    International Conference: Futuristic of Computer Science Engineering &I Information Technology-ICCT2012, Published: In the proceeding of Futuristic of Computer Science Engineering &I Information Technology-ICCT2012 . , Thiruvallavur College of Engineering, Vandavasi, Tamilnadu
  21. Rakshmy, CS, AbdulNazeer KA, Chandra SSV
    Bio-M: Data Mining on HCV Genotype 1 Core Sequences
    International Conference on Data Science and Engineering. , Cochin
  22. Govindan, VK, Silvoster L
    Convolutional Neural Network Generated Affinity Graph based Segmentation
    International Journal of Information Processing. vol. 6(issue 1):pp.67-75ISSN:0973-8215.
  23. Govindan, VK, Nair JJ
    Speckle noise reduction using fourth order diffusion homomorphic filter
    Second International Conf on digital image processing and pattern recognition (DPPR 2012). , Chennai, India-Springer.
  24. Govindan, VK, Raj J.
    Unsupervised Color Image Segmentation by Clustering into Multivariate Gaussians
    5-7 August. Communications in Computer and Information Science. Volume 157 ( Part 10):Pages639-645., Bangalore
  25. Govindan, VK, Pournami.P.N, G.S. S
    Virtual channel flooding – A novel Image Registration Optimization Technique
    International Conference In Engineering, Technology And Management – ICETM-2012. , Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering and Technology, Puducherry, India(Not Registered)
  26. Govindan,VK, Camilus SK
    A Review on Graph Based Segmentation.
    International Journal of Image, Graphics and Signal Processing (IJIGSP). 5:1-13.

2011 to 2012

  1. AbdulNazeer, KA, Lakshmi CP
    An Improved Clustering Algorithm based on K-Means and Harmony Search Optimization
    International Conference on Recent Advances in Intelligent Computational Systems. , Thiruvananthapuram, India
  2. Govindan, VK
    Computer awareness and applications –I (B.Com 2nd Yr, MGU), (Co-authored).
    New Delhi: ISBN: 9788125949299, VPH
  3. R. B. Sandeep
    Perfectly Colourable Graphs
    Information Processing Letters, 111(19) pp. 960-961, Oct. 2011.
    (available at:
  4. AbdulNazeer.K.A, MadhuKumar SD, Sebastian.M.P.
    Enhancing the K-means Clustering Algorithm by Using a O(nlogn) Heuristic Method for Finding Better Initial Centroids.
    International Conference on Emerging Applications of Information Technology- EAIT 2011. , Calcutta, India: IEEE Computer Society
  5. Govindan, VK, Lijiya.A, Sreejini KS
    M-FISH Karyotyping a new approach based on Watershed Transform
    International Journal of Computer Science,Engineering and Information Technology(IJCSEIT). April 2012, Vol-2, (No-2 ):105-117.
  6. Govindan, VK, Raj J
    nsupervised color image Segmentation by clustering into multivariate Guassian,
    Presented in 5th International Conf. On Information processing (ICIP 2011) . , Bangalore
  7. Govindan, VK, T.M. A, Mathew AT.
    Block Truncation Coding with Huffman coding
    Journal of medical imaging and health informatics. Vol. 1(No. 2 ):pp170-176., Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi
  8. Govindan, VK, Raj J
    Unsupervised color image Segmentation by clustering into multivariate Guassian,
    5th-7th August. Presented in 5th International Conf. On Information processing (ICIP 2011) . , Bangalore
  9. Govindan, VK.
    Internet security (Knowledge axis), (Co-authored)
    New Delhi: ISBN: 9788125954545, VPH
  10. AbdulNazeer, KA, MPSebastian, MadhuKumar SD.
    A Heuristic K-Means Algorithm with Better Accuracy and Efficiency for Clustering Health Informatics Data.
    International Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics, American Scientific Publishers. 1(1):66-71.
  11. K, GV, Haresh M V, Kalady S
    Agent Based Dynamic Resource Allocation on Federated Clouds
    IEEE Recent Advances in Intelligent Computation Systems conference 2011.
  12. Govindan, VK, Chaitanya K
    Quantifying the Overheads in FUSE based File Systems
    International Conference on Nanosciences, Engineering and Advanced Computing (ICNEAC 2011). , SCET Narsapur, A.P, India
  13. Govindan, VK, Gandham V
    he New Fastest Pattern Matching Algorithm
    Fourth International Conference on Information Processing(ICIP- 2010). , Bangalore.
  14. Govindan, VK, Srinivas B.
    A modified approach to the new lossless data compression method,
    International Journal of Computer & Communication Technology (IJCCT). Vol. 2( No. 7), Bhubaneswar, India.