Research Publications

2014 to 2015

  1. Saleena, N, Paleri VK
    A Simple Algorithm for Global Value Numbering
    09/16. :arXiv:1303.1880v2., Calicut: National Institute of Technology
  2. Sreekala, S, AbdulNazeer KA.
    A Literature Search Tool for Identifying Disease-associated Genes using Hidden Markov Model.
    International Conference on Computational Systems and Communications (ICCSC). , Trivandrum
  3. Devasia, J, Chandran P
    Towards an Improved Algorithm for Modeling Information Flow in Biological Networks
    ACCIS 2014. , Kollam, Kerala, India
  4. Makkar, A, V.K.Govindan, Lijiya.A..
    A Re-Segmentation Algorithm for Improved M-FISH Image Segmentation and Classification.
    International Journal of Advanced Information Science and Technology(IJAIST). 32(32):87-92. December 2014.

2013 to 2014

  1. E, R, Govindan VK.
    A Novel Technique for Secure, Lossless Steganography with Unlimited Payload and without Exchange of Stegoimage.
    International Journal of Advances in Engineering & Technology (IJAET). Volume 6( Issue 3):pp.1263-1270.
  2. Badharudheen, P, MadhuKumar SD, Chacko AM
    Making an Application Provenance-Aware through UML - A General Scheme
    March 2014. SNDS 2014. , Trivandrum, India
  3. Lijiya.A, S SG, K GV
    M-FISH Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy Logic and Spatial Information
    IRACST - International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology & Security (IJCSITS). Vol. 2:No.6,Pages1249-1253.
  4. .M, R, Govindan.V.K, Karun B
    Enhancing the Precision of Walsh Wavelet Based Approach for Color and Texture Feature Extraction in CBIR by Including a Shape Feature, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Cybernetics And Information Technologies
  5. BabithaBalachandran, MadhuKumar SD.
    Optimization Of Reconfiguration Time During Client Movement On Siena
    International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI-2013. , Mysore India
  6. Joy, SP, Chandran P
    Towards a Computational Trust Model for Secure Peer-to-Peer Communication
    Managing Trust in Cyberspace. , Boca Raton, Florida, USA: CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group
  7. Ehera, BN, Govindan VK.
    Improved Multimodal Biometric Watermarking in Authentication Systems Based on DCT and Phase Congruency Model.
    IJCSN International Journal of Computer Science and Network. Volume 2( Issue 3):ISSN(Online):2.
  8. S, JA, K GV.
    An effective reverse engineering methodologyfor the reconstruction of gene regulatory network using gene expression profile
    International Journal of Universal Pharmacy and Bio Sciences. :2(6),ISSN:2.
  9. K.S, S, K.Govindan V.
    Severity Grading of DME from Retina Images: A Combination of PSO and FCM with Bayes Classifier.
    International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 – 8887). Volume 81:No16.
  10. Narayanaswamy, NS, Subashini R
    FPT Algorithms for Consecutive Ones Submatrix Problems
    6 Septemebr. International conference on Parameterized and Exact Computation (IPEC), 2013. , Sophia Antipolis, France.
  11. Shabana, KM, AbdulNazeer KA.
    A Computational Method for Drug Repositioning using Publicly Available Gene Expression Data.
    4th IEEE International Conference on Computational Advances in Bio and Medical Sciences (ICCABS-2014). , Florida, USA
  12. Jose, JT, Govindan VK.
    Efficient Algorithm for Varying Area based Shadow Detection in Video Sequences
    International Journal of Computer applications (IJCA). vol. 72:ISBN:973-93-80875-76-7,No.16.
  13. Lijiya.A, K MT, V.K G
    Karyotyping of Human Chromosomes Using M_FISH Images
    International Journal of management and information technology (IJMIT).
  14. Jereesh.A.S., Govindan.V.K.
    A clonal based algorithm for the reconstruction of genetic network using S-system
    IJRET: International journal of research in engineering and technology. vol 2:eISSN2319-1163,pISSN2321-7308,No.8.
  15. Vijlin, B, V.K. G.
    Optimal Threshold Selection for Wavelet Transform based on Visual Quality
    International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 – 8887);. Volume 81 – No 19:pp25-28.
  16. Lijiya.A, S SG, K GV.
    M-FISH Image Segmentation and Classification using Fuzzy Logic.
    International Journal of Computer applications. vol. 70:No.5,pp.46-50.
  17. Murali, S, Govindan VK.
    Shadow Detection and Removal From a Single Image Using LAB Color Space, in Cybernetics and Information Technologies
    Volume 13:No1,pp.95-103,PrintISSN:1311-9702;OnlineISSN:1314-4081;DOI:10.2478/cait-2013-0.
  18. Sasilal, L, Govindan.V.K
    Arithmetic Coding- A Reliable Implementation
    International Journal of Computer applications (IJCA). vol. 73:No.7,ISBN:973-93-80876-07-5.
  19. Vidya.A.S, Govindan.V.K.
    Video Surveillance System for Security Applications
    International Journal of Computer applications (IJCA). vol. 74:No.1,ISBN:973-93-80876-31-6,2013.
  20. Kalady, S, Govindan VK, Mathew AT
    Mathematical Modeling and Experimental evaluation of Optimal Agendas and Procedures for N-Issue Negotiation
    International Review on Computers and Software (I.RE.CO.S.). Vol. 01:No.02.
  21. .S, JA, K GV
    Gene Regulatory Network Modelling using Cuckoo Search and S-system.
    International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering. Volume 3,( Issue 9):ISSN:2277128X;Availableonline.
  22. Nithin V R, Pranav M, Sarath Babu P B, Lijiya.A
    Predicting Movie success based on IMDB Data
    International Journal of Data mining techniques and applications, vol.03, pp. 365-368,June2014.
  23. Someswara, P, Govindan VK, S SP.
    Image quality augmented intramodal Automatic Palmprint authentication,IET Image processing
    Vol 6:Issue6.
  24. Nair, JJ, Govindan.V.K.
    Multi-scale Segmentation Based on Nonlinear Complex Di_usion .
    Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics. Vol. 3:1–4.
  25. Sasilal, L, Govindan.V.K.
    Arithmetic Coding-An Enhanced Implementation Using Locality, Lecture Notes On Information Theory
    Vol.1, No:ISSN:2301-3788..
  26. Lijiya.A, K MT, K GV
    Chromosome Classification using M-FISH Images
    Communications in Computer and Information Science, LNCS. :pp.80–89.
  27. VijuPoonthottam, MadhuKumar SD.
    A Dynamic Data Placement Scheme for Hadoop Using Real-time Access Patterns,
  28. Sadanandan, S, Govindan VK.
    Image Compression with Modified Skipline Encoding and Curve Fitting.
    International Journal of Computer applications (IJCA). vol. 74:No.5,ISBN:973-93-80876-35-9.
  29. Shabeera, TP, MadhuKumar SD
    Bandwidth-Aware Data Placement Scheme for Hadoop
    December 2013. IEEE Recent Advances in Intelligent Computational Systems (IEEE RAICS). , Trivandrum, India

2012 to 2013

  1. Govindan, VK, Nair JJ
    Speckle noise reduction using fourth order diffusion homomorphic filter
    Second International Conf on digital image processing and pattern recognition (DPPR 2012). , Chennai, India-Springer.
  2. Govindan, VK, Raj J.
    Unsupervised Color Image Segmentation by Clustering into Multivariate Gaussians
    5-7 August. Communications in Computer and Information Science. Volume 157 ( Part 10):Pages639-645., Bangalore
  3. Govindan, VK, Pournami.P.N, G.S. S
    Virtual channel flooding – A novel Image Registration Optimization Technique
    International Conference In Engineering, Technology And Management – ICETM-2012. , Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering and Technology, Puducherry, India(Not Registered)
  4. Govindan,VK, Camilus SK
    A Review on Graph Based Segmentation.
    International Journal of Image, Graphics and Signal Processing (IJIGSP). 5:1-13.
  5. Govindan, VK, A. L, K. SM.
    Segmentation and Classification of M-FISH Human Chromosome Images
    The second International Conference on Advances in Computing and Communications (ACC-2012), Published in . , Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology (RSET) , Kochi, Kerala, India. (Presented).
  6. Shabeera, TP, Chandran P, Kumar MSD
    Authenticated and persistent skip graph: a data structure for cloud based data-centric applications.
    Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACI 2012). ACM( ISBN: 978-1-4503-1196-0):155-160.Website
  7. Govindan, VK, A L, S SK.
    M-FISHChromosome Images Classification by Watershed Based Segmentation Approach
    International Conference on Advances in Computer, Electronics and Electrical Engineering(ICACEEE-2012), Published: In the proceeding of Futuristic of Computer Science Engineering &I Information Technology-ICCT2012 Volume 2.Page No:501-505.. , UACEE