Research Publications


  1. Jimmy Jose, Sourav Das and Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury
    Prevention of Fault Attacks in Cellular Automata Based Stream Ciphers
    Journal of Cellular Automata . 2016, Vol. 12 Issue 1/2, p141-157.
  2. Visakh R, Abdul Nazeer K A
    Identifying Epigenetically Dysregulated Pathways from Pathway-Pathway Interaction networks
    International  Journal of Computers in Biology and Medicine, 76:160-167, Elsevier, 2016.
  3. Jeethu V. Devasia and Priya Chandran
    Who are the key players behind a disease state?”: Outcomes of a new computational approach on cancer data
    “International Conference on Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (BSB-2016)” at Indian Institute of Information Technology - Allahabad(IIIt-A) from 4th to 6th March 2016
  4. Jimmy Jose and Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury
    FResCA: A Fault-Resistant Cellular Automata Based Stream Cipher
    12th International conference on Cellular Automata for Research and Industry - ACRI 2016, LNCS Vol. 9863 pp 24-33, Springer International Publishing at Fez, Morocco, September 5-8, 2016
  5. P. B. Jayaraj, Ajay mathias, M. Nufail, G. Gopakumar and U. C Jaleel
    GPURFSCREEN: A GPU based virtual screening tool using Random Forest Classifier
    International Journal of Cheminformatics (2016) 8:12, DOI 10.1186/s13321-016-0124-8

2015 to 2016

  1. Jithin, R, Chandran P
    Dynamic Partitioning of Physical Memory Among Virtual Machines, {ASMI:} Architectural Support for Memory Isolation
    CoRR. abs/1503.03169
  2. Abin, JG, Gopakumar G, Pradhan M, AbdulNazeer KA, Palakal M.
    A Self Organizing Map-Harmony Search Hybrid Algorithm for Clustering Biological Data
    IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing, Informatics, Control and Energy Systems. , Calicut, India.
  3. Deepthi V R and Gopakumar G,
    Clustering of Protein-Protein Interaction Network Using Fractal Dimension of Protein Subnetworks
    IEEE TENCON 2015, 01-04 Nov, Macau, China
  4. N. S. Narayanaswamy, R. Subashini
    Obtaining Matrices with the Consecutive Ones Property by Row Deletions
    Algorithmica 71(3): 758-773 (2015)
  5. Nimish, J, Gopakumar G, Meeta P, AbdulNazeer KA, Palakal M.
    Understanding SNP-Gene Associations in Pancreatic Cancer: A Systems Biology Approach.
    IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing, Informatics, Control and Energy Systems. , Calicut, India.
  6. AnitaBrigit, M, MadhuKumar SD.
    Analysis of Data Management and Query handling in Social Networks using NoSQL Databases.
    Fourth International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI-2015) , Cochin, India: IEEE Explore
  7. Jimmy Jose, Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury
    “Four Neighbourhood Cellular Automata as Better Cryptographic Primitives
    21st annual international workshop on cellular automata and discrete complex systems AUTOMATA 2015,Turku, Finland, June 8-10, 2015
  8. Pai, Rekha R
    Detection of Redundant Expressions: A Complete and Polynomial-time Algorithm in SSA
    In Proceedings of the 13th Asian Symposium on Programming Languages and Systems, (Pohang, Korea 2015), APLAS'15, Springer’s LNCS, pp 1-17.
  9. AnitaBrigit, M, MadhuKumar SD.
    Novel Research Framework on SN’s NoSQL Databases for Efficient Query Processing
    Inderscience International Journal of Reasoning-based Intelligent Systems.

2014 to 2015

  1. Bali, R, Govindan.V.K.
    Optimising Block Matching Algorithms By Redundancy Removal For Fast Motion Estimation.
    International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT). Vol. 3(Issue 5):ISSN:2278-0181.
  2. B.Sriharsha, PN.Pournami, Govindan VK.
    B-spline Non Rigid Image Registration using L-BFGS Optimizer.
    International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies. Vol. 5 (3) :3813-381.
  3. Manish Parashar, Umesh Bellur, S.D Madhu Kumar, Priya Chandran, Murali Krishnan, Kamesh Madduri, Sushil K. Prasad, C. Chandra Sekhar, Nanjangud C. Narendra, Carlos Valera, Sanjay Chaudhary, Kavi Arya, Xiaolin Li (Eds.)
    Seventh International Conference on Contemporary Computing
    {IC3} 2014, Noida, India, August 7-9, 2014
  4. Jimmy Jose, Sourav Das, Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury
    Inapplicability of Fault Attacks against Trivium on a Cellular Automata Based Stream Cipher”, Cellular Automata
    11th International Conference on Cellular Automata for Research and Industry, ACRI 2014, Krakow, Poland, September 22-25, 2014 LNCS 8751, Springer 2014
  5. RahulPrasad, K, Shabeera TP, MadhuKumar SD.
    Dynamic Cluster Configuration Algorithm in MapReduce Cloud.
    International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies(ijcsit). 5 (3):4028-4033.
  6. M.Venkatesh, Govindan.V.K.
    Super Resolution Image Reconstruction using Geometric Registration.
    International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies (IJCSIT). Vol. 5 (3) :3641-364.
  7. Jose, J, V.K G
    Image Reconstruction from Projections using Triangular Linear System of Equations .
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  8. Sreekala, S, AbdulNazeer KA.
    A Literature Search Tool for Identifying Disease-associated Genes using Hidden Markov Model.
    International Conference on Computational Systems and Communications (ICCSC). , Trivandrum
  9. Shabeera, TP, MadhuKumar SD
    Optimizing Virtual Machine Allocation in MapReduce Cloud for improved Data Locality
    Inderscience International Journal of Big Data Intelligence (IJBD). Vol.2 No.1(March 2015)
  10. Makkar, A, V.K.Govindan, Lijiya.A..
    A Re-Segmentation Algorithm for Improved M-FISH Image Segmentation and Classification.
    International Journal of Advanced Information Science and Technology(IJAIST). 32(32):87-92. December 2014.
  11. Saleena, N, Paleri VK
    A Simple Algorithm for Global Value Numbering
    09/16. :arXiv:1303.1880v2., Calicut: National Institute of Technology
  12. P.N.Maddaiah, P.N.Pournami, V.K.Govindan.
    Optimization of Image Registration for Medical Image Analysis.
    International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies (IJCSIT). Vol. 5 (3):pp.3394-3398.
  13. Devasia, J, Chandran P
    Towards an Improved Algorithm for Modeling Information Flow in Biological Networks
    ACCIS 2014. , Kollam, Kerala, India
  14. Bhatia, S, V.K.Govindan.
    Combined Linear And Nonlinear Image Enhancement. (IJCSIT)
    International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies. Vol. 5 (3):3370-337.
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    Telecom grade cloud computing: Challenges and opportunities
    IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing, Informatics, Communication and Energy Systems (SPICES). , Calicut India, Feb 2015
  16. Jithin, R, Chandran P.
    Virtual Machine Isolation - A Survey on the Security of Virtual Machines.
    The Second International Conference on Security in Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (SNDS-2014). , Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), India
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    Global Value Numbering for Redundancy Detection: A Simple and Efficient Algorithm
    29th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing. , Gyeongju, Republic of Korea
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    Localization of License Plate using Characteristics of Alphanumeric Characters.
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    A Nature-inspired Hybrid Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm for Better Clustering of Biological Data Sets.
    International Conference on Data Science and Engineering (ICDSE). , CUSAT, Kochi
  21. Anita, BM, Priyabrat P, MadhuKumar SD.
    Efficient Information Retrieval using Lucene, LIndex and HIndex in Hadoop
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    Palm print Authentication Using PCA Technique,
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  23. Bali, R, Govindan.V.K
    An Efficient Block Matching Algorithm for Fast Motion Estimation Using Combined Simple and Efficient Search (SES) and Three Step Search(TSS) Algorithm .
    International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT).
  24. Lijiya.A, Joseph J, V.K.Govindan.
    Occlusion Detection in M-FISH Human Chromosome Images.
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    An Efficient Index Based Query Handling Model for Neo4j
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