MTech Programme in Computer Science and Engineering

The two-year post graduate programme in Computer Science and Engineering is intended to train the students in both advanced areas in the core courses and specialized topics in the emerging technology fronts. Courses offered include Algorithms and Complexity, Compiler Design, Foundations of Information Security, Distributed Computing and Pattern Recognition.The project work in the final year is intended to equip the students to go deeper into her/his area of specialization. The curriculum is organized with few core courses and many electives to give the students enough choice.

Programme Educational Objectives:

  1. The graduates shall have an in-depth knowledge in the fundamentals of Computing, with the ability and confidence to specialize in topics of interest in Computing
  2. The graduates shall have the ability to solve problems and critically analyze solutions in the area of interest in Computing
  3. The graduates shall have the skillset for using  knowledge in Computing for  the benefit  of society with sound ethical practices and a lifelong interest in contributing to  knowledge in the field


Programme Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate in-depth Knowledge in the fundamentals of Computing
  2. Critically analyze solutions, proofs and programs in the field of Computing
  3. Apply in-depth knowledge in the field of computing to solve problems in the area
  4. Find, read and  understand published literature, and identify challenging issues in areas of interest in Computing 
  5. Identify appropriate mathematical, analytical or software tools and use them for solving problems
  6. Solve problems spanning multiple disciplines through collaborative thinking and application of skillset in Computing
  7. Manage projects effectively
  8. Communicate ideas, reviews, solutions and proofs effectively.
  9. Maintain a lifelong interest and aptitude for learning
  10. Understand and remain aware of social responsibilities in profession and follow ethical practices in the field
  11. Reflect on the thought processes used in arriving  at solutions, independently review, and design progressively more appropriate solutions, to add to the knowledge base in the field 


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